Sustainably planned and sustainably produced – green shopfitting by the Store Makers

We craft spaces that shape the trajectory of tomorrow, drawing from our artisanal heritage and infusing it with a forward-looking digital perspective. Our focus extends to actively crafting experiential realms and retail spaces, with a vision for designing not just the present but also the future. This is why we take accountability for our actions and their consequences, steering them towards sustainability to ensure a future that thrives.


“Our company has been in existence for more than 150 years, so sustainable business is a part of our history. You could even say it is an important element in the DNA of the Store Makers. We are under an obligation to ourselves, our customers and our staff – and ultimately society as a whole – to treat the resources we use with care. In this way we aim to make our contribution to a better and more liveable future, not least because we are also a part of that future.” Silvio W. Kirchmair, CEO umdasch The Store Makers Group.

Sustainability strategy
Sustainability requires a group effort. We do not develop our strategy alone, but together with the Umdasch Group, and our affiliate companies under umdasch The Store Makers, Doka and Umdasch Group Ventures. Ultimately, however, it is in our actions that our shared goals reveal their full effect – in our projects, products, services and innovations, in the way we treat our partners and our colleagues and in our interaction with our environment.


You can learn more about the Umdasch Group sustainability strategy here:



Sustainability strategy

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