Logistics - Rollout & Installation

Logistics & Installation

Shops open on time with Store Makers

The Store Makers follow an intricate logistics system to ensure the timely and dependable completion of diverse shopfitting projects, including extensive international rollouts for multiple stores. Our own storage facilities in various locations, combined with experienced logistics partners, empower us to efficiently manage the entire supply chain and coordinate all shopfitting activities up to the final on-site installation by our Store Makers.

Phases of the logistics process

Briefing Session

Briefing on the logistics plan and the installation requirements to prepare the team.


Creation of Loading Layouts & Delivery Plan to prepare for mode of delivery, any potential warehousing requirements & final delivery to site for installation.

Finalising Distribution Requirements

Planning of optimal logistic routes and coordination with expert freight & forwarding partners including import/export requirements.

Quality Control

Pre-Assembly Inspecation of the furniture and packaging ready for the warehouse or direct dispatch.

Commissioning & Loading

Final commissioning of all materials, furniture and spare parts and loading onto adequate transport vehicles.


Secured Loading of the goods, as well as adherence to traffic safety & adequate transport vehicle types are ensuring preservation of the optimal quality of the goods. Transport Insurance inclusive.


On site Installation of the goods by expert Installation Team Leaders and an allocated team of Store Makers & Fitters.

Handover & Feedback

De-snagging and preparation works for final site inspection visits & conducting the final handover procedure including customer feedback for a continuous improvement process.