Retail Cart

Retail Cart by umdasch

Follow Your Customers

In the contemporary retail landscape, customers are increasingly seeking immersive experiences, entertainment, and, most importantly, a seamless extension of their journey within the airport environment. They anticipate brands or products of interest to come to them, rather than needing to explore numerous shops and locales. Addressing this challenge head-on, umdasch introduces a remedy: The Retail Cart. Especially suited for expansive airports, the retail cart presents an optimal approach to engage hurried and mobile customers. The outcome: a heightened customer experience translating to enhanced sales.

Mobile & Modular
We conceptualize entirely mobile retail spaces mounted on electric vehicle chassis, tailored to your brand and product specifications. The Retail Carts come furnished with all customary features found in stationary stores, encompassing POS terminals, display shelves, and roller shutters. Notable advantages comprise a spacious driver's compartment, an eco-friendly engine, ergonomic layout, and minimal upkeep expenses.
Mobile & Modular
Creative Designs
The configuration of your retail cart is fully customizable to align with your airport or duty-free store. As an illustration, the body can be crafted in the likeness of an airplane, suitcase, or cigar, according to your preferences.
Creative Designs
Benefits & Features
- Customizable design options
- Flexible sizing choices
- Adjustable shelves for mobility
- Securely lockable roller shutter
- Integrated POS terminal
- LED lights
- Zero emissions
- Smooth and quiet operation
- Spacious driver's compartment
Benefits & Features
Technical Details

L 3.3 m x T 1.1 m x H 1.9 m

GT drive system

48 volt AC power

Max speed: 19 km/h

Range: 48 km

Load capacity: 1,361 kg