Store concepts in professional hands

As part of our Consultancy & Design services, our local Architects & Designers work out the creative store concepts often in partnership with leading international design agencies and global architectural firms. Materials, colours and shapes are coordinated, hand sketches are transferred to executions drawings including locally available material specifications & samples. We plan your custom-fit store design – We think retail concepts.

For more details contact us at design@storemakers-me.com.

Creativity meets reliable planning
The architectural team at Store Makers - Middle East is characterized by their ability to perceive innovative materials, their constant awareness of the latest trends, extensive years of experience, and a deep passion for executing captivating designs. Through close collaborations with the international architecture and design sector, we possess the capability to transform creative design concepts into tangible realities with meticulous attention to structural and technical requirements, starting from the initial planning stage. This approach ensures that we deliver a customized store concept to our clients, specifically tailored to their target audience, while also being feasible within the available resources at their disposal.
Creativity meets reliable planning
Malek Diouri
Consultancy & Design Manager
Elie Dib
Consultancy & Design Director