UV-C Fitting Room

UV-C Fitting Room

Restore trust among your customers in your store!

Customers step into stores to fully engage with products, embracing them through all senses. Nonetheless, the delight of leisurely shopping and exploration at physical outlets has been significantly constrained by the global Covid-19 pandemic. To address this, Store Makers - Middle East have introduced the umdasch UV-C Fitting Room. This innovative solution empowers your customers to experiment and evaluate your products without reservations, particularly during periods of stringent hygiene and safety mandates. Enhance faith in both your products and your store through this offering!

Maximum safety and flexibility
Through the utilization of UV-C light, the umdasch UV-C Fitting Room offers a swift, secure, and environmentally friendly method to disinfect clothing and surfaces within the dressing area. This advanced technology effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19, ensuring thorough sanitation.

Tailored designs are available upon request, along with the option to modify your current changing rooms to incorporate the UV-C solution.

Furthermore, umdasch's UV-C solution has versatile applications that extend beyond the standard cabin design. For instance, it can be implemented in disinfection boxes, offering the capability to sanitize items like bags, accessories, or jewelry.
Maximum safety and flexibility
Clear rules
Initiating the sterilization procedure, a shop staff member engages the double-lock mechanism, causing a red light to activate, signifying the unavailability of the fitting room. Once the light shifts to green, it indicates the conclusion of the disinfection process, permitting re-entry into the fitting room.

If the door is externally locked while someone remains inside the changing room, a motion sensor and manual emergency shutdown are integrated. These features halt the UV-C radiation as a safety precaution.
Clear rules

Rapid and secure disinfection of garments and the entire fitting room area (99.9% efficacy against all bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19).

An environmentally responsible disinfection method: No chemicals employed, and no resources squandered.

Easy handling by the shop staff

Ensuring an absolute clean changing room experience

Creating a new way of consumer confidence

Streamlined and space-efficient cubicle layout.

Bespoke designs possible on enquiry

Retrofitting options for the umdasch UV-C solution to existing fitting rooms

Implementation of other use cases possible (eg. a disinfection box for handbags, accessories, jewellery)