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When it comes to the realization of large-scale Millwork & Furniture Packages for Retail Interiors projects, the Store Makers have consistently pushed the boundaries of technical expertise & craftsmanship. This project, centered around the perfumes & cosmetics areas, has redefined the concept of luxurious retail spaces. With an amalgamation of complex materials, textures, and finishes, the Store Makers have set a new standard in the manufacturing for Travel Retail projects. The Perfumes & Cosmetics areas have been transformed into a mesmerizing oasis, combining elegance, functionality, and a hint of extravagance.

Perfumes & Cosmetics Area: A Symphony of Materials and Expertise
GRP Walls
The project features GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) walls, providing a sleek, modern, and durable backdrop to the products on display. The use of GRP allows for versatile design possibilities while maintaining structural integrity.

3-Dimensional Curved Ceiling Suspended Canopies
To add a touch of opulence, the interior design includes suspended canopies. Crafted from polished stainless steel, these canopies not only catch the eye but also reflect the brand's commitment to quality.

Vertical Glass Fins with Brand Logos
Vertical glass fins adorn the brand logos add an element of sophistication to the overall design. These special fins out of a rare composite glass colouring material are structuring the space for a convenient browsing experience for customers.

Black Solid Surface Column Claddings
Column claddings made from black solid surface materials are a nod to modern aesthetics. The sleek and dark finishes provides an attractive contrast to the rest of the design elements.
Perfumes & Cosmetics Area: A Symphony of Materials and Expertise
Engraved Integrity in Mashrabiya Pattern in Metal Brass Plated Finishes
The intricate detailing of engraved Mashrabiya patterns, with metal brass plated finishes, adds a touch of exclusivity. These engravings showcase the craftsmanship of the Store Makers and reinforces their commitment to quality.

Curved Freestanding Walls in White Marble Finish
Curved freestanding walls in a white marble finish introduce elements of classical elegance. These walls, featuring curved accordion panels, not only add a visual appeal but also serve as functional partitions.

Curved Free-Standing Walls in Floral Patterns
The incorporation of curved free-standing walls in with extravagant floral patterns adds a unique and visually captivating aspect to the concept. Those special floral patterns were pushing the boundaries of manufacturing technologies and are created with a unique epoxy resin liquid inlay into a routed pattern onto a 3-dimensionally curved solid surface front. The result looks just stunning.
Cash Counters
The cash counters are designed with modern and efficient approaches. They feature curved, marble-clad surfaces and again flower-pattern on free-standing partitions that contribute to the visual appeal of the space.

Interactive Units
Made out of curved engraved and back-painted glass panels finished with black-chrome electroplated stainless steel frames, those Interactive units further enhance the aesthetics of a feature zone around the heart of the space.

In summary, the Perfumes & Cosmetics Area is a breathtaking example of how creativity and craftsmanship can come together to redefine the retail space. The combination of materials such as GRP, stainless steel, glass, and marble, along with intricate detailing and patterns, creates a shopping environment that is truly unique.

This project at Abu Dhabi Airport not only showcases the Store Makers' ability to transform spaces within challenging environments but also sets a new standard for luxury in the retail industry based on the highest ESTIDAMA (Sustainability) standards. This is a testament to the Store Makers' commitment to excellence in Travel Retail.
Sunglasses Display Area: Elevating Products into stunning retail spaces
In the world of retail, creating a captivating and memorable shopping experience is key to attracting and retaining customers. Our Interiors Manufacturing Solutions for the Sunglasses Display Area at Abu Dhabi Airport showcases our expertise in making stunning retail spaces that not only house products but elevate them with some works of art.

Free-Standing Curved Walls
The cornerstones of our project are the free-standing curved walls. These walls are a testament to our commitment to pushing manufacturing boundaries. Crafted in triple layers of curved laminated glass, required the utilization of special sized ovens & processing equipment to suit the design requirements. Black leather paddings with stitched diamond pattern surrounds the display with a soft & luxurious touch.
Sunglasses Display Area: Elevating Products into stunning retail spaces
Display Units Made of Polished Stainless Steel and Illuminated Frosted Glass
Our commitment to quality is evident in every detail, especially in our display units. These structures are composed of polished stainless steel, ensuring both durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic. They're enhanced with illuminated frosted glass, adding an ethereal touch that highlights the sunglasses on display.

Cash Counters Fully Cladded with Brushed Stainless Steel
In retail, the checkout area is often the first and last point of interaction between customers and the brand. The Store Makers have ensured that those cash counters, fully clad with brushed stainless steel follow the polyhedral shaped design language seamlessly.

V-shaped Display Units with Curved Black Painted Glass
The sunglasses area incorporates a sense of dynamism with V-shaped display units featuring curved black painted glass and again black leather padding with stitched diamond patterns. These units bring a touch of contemporary elegance to the space and provide a striking backdrop for the entire sunglass collections.
Illuminated Product Display Shelving
Highlighting the sunglass collections, our illuminated product display shelfing is designed with precision and style. The subtle illumination enhances the products, emphasizing their quality and craftsmanship of that shelfing. The use of triple-layer curved glass, polished stainless steel, and elegant lighting showcases our dedication to creating not just retail spaces but captivating experiences with a pallet of bespoke finishes with tight tolerances joined together.

This project is more than just a collection of displays; it's a reflection of our company's vision to make successful stores. The combination of materials, shapes, and lighting in our manufacturing creates a harmonious balance.

In an era where retail spaces must complement the convenience of online shopping, it's our firm belief that a well-executed store can make all the difference of driving consumer behavior and transforming a visit to a store into a memorable experience. This project has certainly set the bar for technical engineering standards very high but allowed us to demonstrate our experience & know-how in realizing complex retail environments and setting new standards of Interiors Manufacturing.
Jewellery: A Tale of Craftsmanship and Innovation
The Jewellery Area showcases our prowess in creating captivating display units that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

Decorated Display Units Made of Fire-Rated Wooden Substrates Fully Cladded with Metal and Curved Glass
The decorated display units, crafted from fire-rated wooden substrates that are fully clad with metal and curved glass. This combination of materials provides a balanced mix of durability and aesthetics. The metal cladding adds a touch of industrial sophistication, while the curved glass accentuates the design's elegance.

Long Display Units: Ship Shaped Fully Cladded with Blue Painted Glass
The long display units showcase a sleek ship-shaped design that basically required the craftsmanship skills of naval architects. Fully clad with blue painted glass, added another layer or manufacturing challenge to those unique structures.

Curved Glass Showcases and Leather Paddings
Curved glass showcases are an integral part of the area enhancing the presentation of featured merchandise. To create a sense of luxury and comfort, we've incorporated leather paddings which shall elevate the presentation further.
Jewellery: A Tale of Craftsmanship and Innovation
Pole Display Units Made of Brushed Stainless Steel and Crystal-Clear Low Iron Glass
For a minimalist and modern look, pole display units are made of brushed stainless steel and extra clear glass. These units make a statement with their clean lines and transparency, allowing the focus to remain on the showcased products.

Displays Made of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) with Metallic Paint Finish
To create a unique and visually appealing look, our project includes displays made of GRP with a metallic paint finish. This combination of materials and finishes adds a layer of sophistication, giving the products on display a refined backdrop.

Illuminated Stripes
To ensure products are highlighted effectively, our displays feature illuminated stripes. These subtle yet powerful lighting elements enhance the visual appeal of the showcased items. By incorporating a mix of materials such as wooden substrates, metal, glass, leather, and GRP, we've created structures that seamlessly blends functionality and style. Our projects go beyond mere product presentation; they are a reflection of our vision to transform interior spaces into engaging and immersive experiences. The display units in this area certainly have set a new standard for luxury product display in a dynamic environment that seamlessly integrates with its structural & feature elements that surround the space.