Post report EuroShop 2023: Successful trade fair presentation together with umdasch


Together with umdasch, the Store Makers presented trend-setting shopfitting solutions and ideas for experience-oriented retail at EuroShop in Düsseldorf from 26 February to 2 March 2023. The tradeshow booth attracted over 20,000 visitors over the five days of the fair, setting a new record for visitor numbers. umdasch even received the Exhibitor Award for its innovative stand design.


Sustainability and digitalisation as trend topics
Visitors had the opportunity to directly experience the most pressing topics in the retail industry at the largest trade fair for retail investments.

During EuroShop, a prevalent theme was the quest of numerous retailers for forward-looking concepts to enhance the sustainability of their stores. Pertaining to this subject, engaging conversations took place at the umdasch booth regarding the practical application of eco-friendly shopfitting. Through collaborative discussions involving thousands of customers and attendees, umdasch garnered a multitude of ideas concerning sustainable and prosperous shopfitting. Notably, the Sustainability Tree at the heart of the trade fair booth flourished, thanks to the valuable contributions from all participants, aligning with the event's theme of "Sustainable Together".

Particularly noteworthy was the favorable reception of practices such as utilizing rental furniture, repurposing exhibits across various Store Makers locations, and the reutilization of approximately 500 ivy plants, as voiced by the attendees. The assessment of the carbon footprint associated with the showcased modular Basixx Light shelving also sparked contemplation, providing retailers with tangible insights for constructing environmentally-conscious shops. 

Retailers also expressed keen interest in strategies for transforming stores into immersive experience environments, aiming to enhance the overall quality of customer engagement and extend the duration of their visits.

Leveraging their expertise in innovative store designs, the Store Makers offered valuable insights and shared their extensive experience as a trusted and longstanding partner in retail construction.

The demand for digital solutions and interactive applications was also pronounced, an area where umdasch showcased its prowess in digital retail innovation. In this regard, the attention was drawn not only to the on-site 20 m² LED wall from partner LEDCON but also to a transparent LED solution serving as an external shop window, offering a glimpse of the trade fair stand while simultaneously presenting captivating digital effects.

Sustainability and digitalisation as trend topics
Award-winning trade fair appearance and new visitor record
The trade fair stand was very well received not only by customers but also by tens of thousands of visitors.

As a result, umdasch secured the third position in the EuroShop Exhibitor People's Choice Award, clinching the bronze medal through its imaginative booth design in the public voting, among all the exhibit booths at EuroShop. This achievement stands as a significant recognition for umdasch Shop Consult Director Maik Drewitz and his Duisburg-based team, who conceived the concept.

During the five days of the trade fair, a new record for visitors was also established, as Silvio Kirchmair, CEO of umdasch The Store Makers, elaborated: "With over 20,000 visitors to our trade fair stand, the umdasch Store Makers achieved a record at EuroShop 2023.

Our two focal themes, sustainability and digitalisation, not only hit the zeitgeist, but real needs. Fortunately, in contrast to the general mood, the many customer discussions gave us a very positive outlook for 2023." 

Engaging discussions with thousands of trade fair attendees and customers, along with enthusiastic responses to the comprehensive service offerings of the Store Makers, have left a lasting impression. Silvio Kirchmair further explains: "EuroShop 2023 not only brought a reunion with numerous customers and business partners. It also strengthened the cohesion and sense of community of our international team with employees from more than ten nations and from all divisions of the Umdasch Group."

Award-winning trade fair appearance and new visitor record